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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Breakthrough

Marmaduke, the little orange elf, a four-month old Bengal kitten has always been a fussy eater. He's consistently refused to eat dried kitten food (or even dried cat food) of any variety offered - even mixed in with tinned kitten food, he'd notice & refuse his food.

So, I just have to share the breakthrough, tonight for the very first time he tucked into a meal of dried kitten food. I have no idea why he decided to brave the crunch but am highly delighted.

Meal times were getting a bit problematical. I feed three dried meals a day & one wet meal (either tinned kitten food, chicken or fish). With Marmaduke getting all wet food, the others have realised that they were missing out. So they started to shadow Marmaduke & I, making it virtually impossible to sneak a wet meal. Even if I was sucessful, I'd brave a range of dirty looks. Fortunately, no body decided to take it out on Marmaduke.

So - just a posting to say hooray!

PS I've had a bit of a problem posting the photo - but it's finally up there at the start of the listing. Marmaduke is on the right - just behind Maisie, his sister. As you can see Marmaduke is just a little bit smaller - I think that this is because he hasn't been eating the dried kitten food as have his sisters.