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Friday, April 01, 2005

"I think I can see his boots!" Posted by Hello

Muddling the Holidays

It really does look as if I'm getting the holidays muddled ... mentioning Good Friday in the first ever post and then publishing a photo of a Christmas Tree ... well my excuse is that I was playing with the software for the Blog and sort of, accidentally, well almost, posted the Christmas photo.

It did manage to stay up by the way, albeit with a sort of decided tilt, but it did stay upright and in the tub. However, I'm not sure if it would have survived the full 12 days of Christmas. As it was, I removed it on the 27th as it started shedding it's needles at the slightest touch ... and it had a lot of those because the novelty was not wearing off for the cats.

The larger cat in the collar is Bageera and I'm sure that the littler one is Stormy. (Stormy, the first kitten of the litter to attempt climbing the chimney, I don't have a photo of her in action but did manage to catch Rhani in her quest to spot the man in the red suit ... maybe I'll post that next.)

Talking of holidays muddled, it is kind of appropriate that I boobed with the photo, it fits in with Easter Sunday when I finally gave my cousin and his children their Christmas presents.... Father Christmas got a bit lost this year & gave the presents to the Easter Bunny ... they are now looking forward to receiving eggs for Christmas but I'm not sure that chocolate will last that long (sell by date will be out or, more likely, I might get tempted to eat it). Still with the way things are going, the shops will all be open on Boxing Day, shelves stocked with chocolate eggs...

And just how long will the tree last? Posted by Hello

Curdled Milk

It's been a funny old week.

Coping with the death of the fridge freezer on Good Friday has been hard. I never realised that milk would go sour & curdle quite so quickly or that tepid cheese would smell quite so strong.

I also never realised that cats enjoyed curdled milk. I emptied one bottle down the sink, turned to the fridge to get the other, then back to the sink to be greated by the sight of at least three furry bums, tails in the air, gulping down curds as if they hadn't been fed for a week. (Oh yuck, I'll leave you to imagine the state of the litter trays later)

Valuable lesson learnt, when disposing of sour milk in the sink, always leave the tap running & stand over the muck until it disapears down the drain.