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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Death by Crisps

Okay, I will admit that a cup of coffee & a packet of Cheese & Onion flavour crisps eaten in bed is not really the best sort of diet. But you wouldn’t expect it to result in death – not unless it was a lot of mornings & a lot of packets of crisps.

However, the obviously tantalising aroma of the cheese & onion proved too much for Cuthbert & he stuck his head inside the bag to savour all the last little driblets. Amazing, he could get his whole head in. Unfortunately, once his whole head was in he couldn’t get it out. Walking backwards at high speed didn’t dislodge it.

He headed out the door backwards & as I rushed from under the covers I heard the steady bump bump bump of a cat falling down the stairs. Crisp bag still on head, Cuthbert decided to reverse tactics & walked forwards, I caught up with him just after his head thudded into the wall.

Okay, I could have rushed & got my camera & let the poor little bugger wander around in confusion for a few minutes more & got a very funny photo that I could share – but I’m glad I didn’t. When I peeled the crisp packet off his head, his ears were very pink (not just embarrassment, I’m sure). He looked a bit sheepish for a while but accepted a cuddle before scrambling off to have a good wash.

I don’t think the moral of the story is not to have a crisp flavoured breakfast – rather it might be to dispose of the empty bags very carefully. I’m not sure if he would have asphyxiated without attention – but I’m glad that I didn’t have the chance to find out.


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