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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bengal Kittens

Meet Stormy's babies ... oh, looks like you won't be able to see the photo at the moment as there is a problem with the upload page.

Stormy has five babies, five spotted Bengal kittens, just four weeks old & beginning to grow their teeth.

I was going to name them after types of weather, thinking predominantly of winds - however, I noticed that one little one had a line down the centre of his tummy in the middle of all his spots & started referring to him as Ceasar. Another little one has a face that glints with pale gold & he became Midas. His much more golden orange brother is now Appollo & a little darkie became Nero. That just left the problem of what the final kitten would be known as. He does have the sweetest face. After much dithering & calling out names to see if he would twitch or respond to any by looking at me, he has ended up as Adonis.

Different people have different ideas about what is cute & sweet & lovely - wonder, if when you see the photos you'll be able to identify Adonis. Apollo will probably be the easiest to guesss - with his golden orange face & his very glum expression. Ah well, a treat in store - hopefully.

These little guys currently have two Mums. Stormy's sister, Sunny has two babies, just six days old. Stormy & Sunny are in the same room. Stormy is no longer the possessive constant mother that she was in the early days - where any touch I made on the kittens was rapidly washed away so I didn't contaminate them. She's more happy to sit & watch them now than to curl up with them & nurse them. So, last night, whilst they were screaming at their watching Mum for food Aunty Sunny came along & carried them off. They dwarf her little babies.

I've tried carrying the boys back but if they cry & Stormy doesn't instantly go to them, Sunny steps in & retrieves them, gives them a quick top & tail & top-up.

I wonder if that was a smirk I saw on Stormy's face?


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