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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Actually Guilty as Charged

I've just discovered something.

After deciding that I had been blaming the dog unneccessarily, she & I have been fellow sighers over the various mishaps & bits of rubbish that have been appearing from out of the bin & into the house. It's almost like a shared raising of eyebrows, along with a big sigh. I then gently carress her head & mutter something like 'cats, eh?' & she wags her tail.


I've got a new bin. Well, actually it's about three months old now. A large grey plastic thing with a domed top with a sort of push-up lid set into the dome. The idea of the dome was to stop the cats sitting on it & the lift up lid bit to stop them opening it & helping themselves ... though I really fail to see the appeal of potato peelings, I do actually understand their desire to lick the tins clean. The new bin worked fantastically for weeks. No more rubbish on the floor. No more raiding. Wonderful.

Then it started again.

I have now caught the culprit in the act. I wish that I had a photograph to share the indisputable evidence. Tilly the dog. Tilly, in whose mouth butter would not melt. Tilly the previously falsely accused. Tilly caught. Caught wearing the bin lid because she had put her head through the push-up lid. She looked so ridiculous.

I almost feel like re-creating it for the camera for posterity .... but will that negate the telling off she received? Will it make her think that I am encouraging her to go a-raiding?

.... but I'm so tempted!


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