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Friday, January 20, 2006


I've been blaming the dog for stealing things. Blaming the dog only.

Now I just wonder if she has actually only been looking after things for me. Keeping them safe. Saving them from perforation by tiny teeth. Keeping them in one place. Helping me to find missing things.

I'm sure that she wasn't responsible for depositing a tub of aspirins, a candle tea-light & my son's razor in the cat's basket. Though for sure she had something to do with the tin of corned beef & my slipper that were keeping warm in beside her when I returned this evening. If she is only being helpful, I do wish that she had looked after the special tea bags (green tea & vanilla sounded wonderful) that I had bought.

I'm not sure that I am going to get to try the special tea. I can't help noticing that though it is still on the kitchen worktop where I left it (serves me right for not putting it away - though what difference that might have made as the monsters can get into the cupboards ...) it now has many tiny holes & there is a generous sprinkling of leaves around the packet.

At least, I suppose, tonight nobody raided the larder cupboard. I still shudder to remember how much mess one jar of yeast extract made - at least when they knocked that out of the cupboard they didn't also pour flour over the floor like they did the previous week.

I have bought some child locks. The one on the fridge works perfectly. No more chewed cucumbers, no more tongue marks in the butter, heaven. The one for the cupboard is not so good. It's bought but not fitted ... I can't work the child lock bit!

Maybe I'm just not feeding them enough.


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